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March 27, 2010
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The Cyborg Manifesto by Mr-Marcus-81 The Cyborg Manifesto by Mr-Marcus-81
Here's the colored version of


Once again here are my new-ish antagonistic characters, Scarlette Tamzarian and her Necroborg Super Soldier, Wraith. I'm really digging these two I need some strong villains now that Sapphira has gone good, kinda. I want Wraith to be especially Jason Voorhees nasty! I actually watched Jason X about a week ago, and seeing Jason in action I was like...yeah, that's how I want Wraith to be! :threaten:

As for Scarlette...I can't really say that she's a full blown villain; she's a businesswoman and from what I've seen, sometimes businesspeople and corporate minded people are ruthless and cutthroat. She's more like a Lex Luthor or Dr. Doom type character...she's very much so capable of combat and actually whooping some you think that she'd make all of these badass cyborgs and not give herself some of the things that make them badass?!!? :giggle:

Ladies and gentlemen, this marks my first fully colored piece using Photoshop CS3!!! :excited: Already, I see MAJOR improvement in my colors on this one...not necessarily the technique (there are a few areas that look a bit wonky), but the actual colors seems richer and more vibrant...and everything is not overly pixelated and blocky looking! Sure, it was weird getting used to the layout and such, but I'm sure that I'll learn all of the in's and out's of the program pretty soon...especially how to use that damn pen tool! :shakefist:

And the name of this pic comes from Donna Haraway's Essay "A Cyborg Manifesto" which relates being a cyborg to feminism or something like that. Go and check it out for yourself here! :D [link]

Okay...without further's the girls!

:bulletblack: Wraith

Full Name: (Formerly Known As) Deidra Cross
Age: What's left of her reanimated organic parts and brain are 22 years old
Height: (After transformation) Slightly Variable; by default 6 feet
Weight: (After transformation) Variable depending upon how much energy she has stored in her default she weighs 189 lbs.
Eye Color: White; Wraith has no pupils...her eyes have been replaced with hi-tech bionic optical sensors
Hair: Brown
Nationality: American
Race: Caucasian
Physique: Slightly muscular and athletic

*Based on the Marvel Heroes Classic Roleplaying System*

Fighting: Spectacular (Master of Several Forms)
Agility: Spectacular (Superior Talent w/Extensive Training)
Strength: *Default* Spectacular (Can lift up to 25 tons)...varies dependent upon how much energy she's absorbed; *Maximum Energy Levels* Awesome (Can Lift up to 100 tons)
Speed: Good (Up to 60 mph)
Endurance: *Default* Monstrous (Superhuman fortitude, Rarely tires)...varies dependent upon how much energy she's absorbed; *Maximum Energy Levels* Unearthly (Immeasurable, Never Tires)
Reason: Good (Bachelor Degree Equivalent)
Intuition: Excellent (Fine Attention to Details)
Psyche: Incredible (Great Strength of Will; Well-Trained, Focused)
Resources: Sensational (Medium Country; Huge Corporation)...this is due to her being controlled by Scarlette Tamzarian and Tamzarian Industries
Popularity: Typical (Known to Local Populace)
Appearance: Good (Attractive)
Density of Cybernetics/Cyber Endoskeletal Frame: Unearthly (Adamantium, some mystical elements)
Density of Nanofiber-Exosuit: Amazing (High-Strength Steel, Granite)

First up, the woman laying on the operating table being worked on and receiving routine maintenance is Wraith. She was formerly known as Deidra Cross, a notorious 22 year old psychopathic meta-human criminal and murderer that lived a troubled life starting from being orphaned since her birth. Her meta-human abilities gave her a hyperactive regenerative she also had energy siphoning abilities that made her stronger with the more energy that she absorbed. She had committed a string of killings and other major crimes before being caught by the Angel Falls Police Department as well as several superheroines...her abilities made it rather difficult to apprehend her at first. Once she was caught, she was sentenced to death for all of her gruesome murders and other crimes as she awaited her death penalty at Purgatory Maximum Security Prison in Angel Falls.

Several months after being in prison, the evil supervillain Ultrawoman had attacked the High Security prison and freed many super-powered criminals and villains, including Deidra. Deidra went on the lamb for several weeks and did her best to lay low, until an anonymous tipster let the AFPD know her whereabouts. Police were dispatched to the location and before Deidra could attempt to make another escape she was completely surrounded. Instead of go quietly back to prison to wait to die, she decided that she would make her last stand...she went to the breaker box in the house where she was hiding, punched her hand through it, drained all of the energy from the house, grabbed some guns, and came out guns blazing. Police began to open fire on her as well, however although the bullets were ripping into her body, they didn't seem to be stopping her. She kept coming and was able to injure several police officers. Being that she was a meta-human, the Special Crimes Unit was dispatched and one of the SCU officers blasted her with their energy projectile powers just when it seemed like Deidra was getting weak from the gunfire that she was taking, trying to finish her off. However, this make her stronger once again and she was able to fire back the same energy that she was struck with, causing one of the vehicles to explode and critically injure several police officers.

Finally, they were able to drop her after receiving 3 consecutive rounds from a high caliber sniper rifle; one to her heart, one to her throat, and finally one in the middle of her forehead...killing her in the process. The very next morning, not even 6 hours after her death Scarlette Tamzarian came to retrieve her dead body from the morgue, as she had long wanted to experiment on Deidra's body in hopes of creating the perfect soldier. Even as Deidra's corpse lay in the morgue full of bullet wounds and such, her body had continued healing itself...even to the point of her heart beating again after the bullet that was lodged in it was removed. Scarlette absconded back to her laboratory and completely dissected Deidra's remains, made cybernetic modifications and replacements to her body parts, reanimated her brain waves, made her even more stronger faster and more durable, rebuilt her, programmed her, and basically transformed Deidra into what was to be the perfect undead bio-weapon of war; a Necroborg. Wraith was created to be a superior law enforcement soldier, however as of right now it appears that she has gone berserk since her full activation and has already left a trail of dead bodies in her wake! :omg: Even her creator in Scarlette Tamzarian can't seem to stop her!

:bulletblack: Scarlette Tamzarian

Full Name: Scarlette Alessandra Tamzarian (She got her middle name from her father's first name)
Age: 45
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: She Won't Tell
Eye Color: Translucent Sky Blue; it almost appears as if Scarlette doesn't have any pupils at all due to her cybernetic eyes
Hair: Strawberry Blond with White bangs
Nationality: Swiss
Race: European-American/Caucasian (Born to Swiss parents, yet grew up mostly in America)
Physique: Fit and Curvy

Fighting: Monstrous (Superhuman Potential)
Agility: Monstrous (Superhuman Potential)
Strength: Sensational (Press up to 75 Tons for an extended amount of time) Scarlette rarely has to use her super-strength, but she is capable of immense power at her will
Speed: *Ground* Spectacular (Up to 135 mph); *Air* Fantastic (Up to 300 mph)...Scarlette is capable of sustained flight, she doesn't fly unless she really needs to. At times, she may choose to levitate and float about.
Endurance: Monstrous (Superhuman Fortitude; rarely tires)
Reason: Monstrous (Alien Genius; Improve and Modify Alien Tech)
Intuition: Awesome (Senses Beyond Extraordinary)
Psyche: Sensational (Enhanced Willpower)
Resources: Sensational (Medium Country; Huge Corporation)
Popularity: Incredible (Liked by Mass Media)
Appearance: Amazing (Stunning)

The blond woman standing here is Scarlette Tamzarian...the 45 year old heiress and CEO of Tamzarian Industries...a world leading cybernetics company that was founded by her father, Dr. Alessandro Tamzarian, who was a brilliant scientist and bio-engineer from Switzerland. Scarlette is also the creator of such awesome subjects as the A.D.O.R.A.-1 cybernetic technology that has been transfused with Nikki "Diamond" Vetter's body as well as resurrected slain criminal Deidra Cross and transformed her into the almost unstoppable undead Necroborg, Wraith.

Long ago, Scarlette and her mother were involved in a very bad car accident which killed her mother and left Scarlette paralyzed from her waist down. Not wanting for his daughter to spend the rest of her life confined to a wheelchair, Dr. Tamzarian created the patent on a prototypical cybernetic replacement spine as well a replacement set of legs for Scarlette. The additions of Scarlette's cybernetics were successful and allowed for her to walk once again. From then on, Dr. Tamzarian had the vision of using genetic enhancements, cybernetic implants, and replacement body parts to enhance and save human life.

As the years passed, Scarlette had also become very interested in the fusion of organics and machinery...even opting to have more and more of her original organic body replaced with cybernetics. Eventually, she took over as the acting leader of the company, as her father had grown sickly and couldn't run the company anymore. She pleaded with her father to fix his body with he lay on his deathbed Scarlette actually presented a schemata of a cyborg body that he could have implanted his brain into; yet he scoffed and refused to have any part of him being replaced with his own creation. He would eventually pass away from a heart attack, thus leaving the company to Scarlette. After his death, she took the company in a whole new direction, as where her father just wanted to make cybernetics and genetic enhancement to help people, she had been designing and developing ideas for genetically enhanced cyborg soldiers and other hi-tech weaponry to sell, as she realized that there was lots of money in arms dealing. Many of her father's old colleagues and business partners protested Scarlette's new found ambition to use her father's ideas to cause harm instead of help human life, however she didn't take any of the naysayers' opinions to mind...all she saw was the potential dollar signs that she could generate with her company's product.

She began making her first cyborg solider models as well as other bio-weapons. She discovered a symbiotic liquid-metal like substance that could change shape and density...after much research and designing, she had come up with what she calls "The ADORA-1 Project" in which she would bond the symbiotic liquid-metal to the body of a subject as well as fitting them with other cybernetic parts to enhance their abilities. All she needed was a test subject that was a perfect physical specimen...after much screening of many soldiers, police officers, athletes, superheroes/villains, and other people it was determined that a young world class female athlete by the name of Nicole Vetter had best fit the criteria. Scarlette had made the proposition to Nicole, who at the time had been in dire straits as a professional superstar Blitzball player b/c the sport had began to be dominated by players who chose to enhance themselves with either genetic modifications or cybernetic implants/replacements to give them the edge. Nicole was really good at her sport, however she often found herself outmatched with others using their enhancements...she reluctantly agreed to receive the A.D.O.R.A.-1 transformation, in which Scarlette's very own hands would be the ones that turned the young athlete into a highly efficient cyborg. After several days of undergoing her cybernetic transformation and having the symbiote bonded to her body, Nicole would be Scarlette's greatest creation. Her most recent great creation is Wraith, as she's never been able to completely re-animate a deceased subject's brain and make it fully functionable.

Since creating the A.D.O.R.A.-1 technology, Scarlette has made many other technological breakthroughs in the melding of organics and doing so she has also made her company one of the most successful cybernetics and weaponry companies in the world. After Sataria The Cyborg Queen took over the Cybercom Corporation and assimilated many of their employees for a totally different agenda of turning all females into cyborgs and taking over the world, Scarlette was able to save the business side of Cybercom, who was once one of her companies biggest rivals. Once she merged Cybercom with her own company, it further expanding her resources and solidifying her spot as one of the top technological companies in the world.

As for Scarlette's personality...she's somewhat of a mystery. If nothing else, she seems to love being a cyborg and is always looking for new ideas and concepts to make a better cyborg...often times using her own body as a guinea pig to test it out; her left arm and much of her torso has been bonded with the very same symbiotic material that adorns Nicole Vetter's body.

She has been a cyborg since she was a child; thanks to the fact that most of her body is cybernetic, plus her blood and cells have been replaced with nanites, it doesn't appear that she's aged much at all despite the fact that she's in her mid 40s. Her hair in the front has turned white and that seems to be the only sign of her organic parts aging, as she looks no more than her late twenties in the face...she doesn't have one wrinkle. She's "fascinated" by the scientific process of cybernetics and genetic the word 'fascinating' is one of her favorite words to use. She has the intelligence of a genius leveled scientist, however, she also has the avarice and business acumen of a cutthroat corporate businesswoman. However, don't let her good looks and big cyber-enhanced brain fool you...if she needs to, she's more than capable of holding her own against the most powerful of foes. Her slight Swiss accent is alluring and charming, as she's quite the talker...she's a master manipulator and also a master in the art of the deal. She's quick witted, yet comes across very regal and elegant as if she's above everything petty. Nicole Vetter doesn't trust Scarlette because of her mysterious and devious nature...perhaps Nikki's right not to trust the woman with the light blue eyes that are so bright that you can barely see them; she seems to have some sort of hidden agenda that only she knows about.
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Ah, so here is the necroborg. Seems like a real piece of work, this one. Hope Scarlette can keep her in control, although knowing her she likely has some kind of cutting-edge tech that can stand up to Wraith. Fitting name you have for her.

You are right about Scarlette. She does look like Dr. Blight from Captain Planet. Funny how they're both blonde, very intelligent, have alot of potential to do good for humanity aside from their quirks, had some kind of event that resulted in a change in their appearance and could easily take over the world if not for their antagonists.
Mr-Marcus-81 Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, this is an early design of her (Wraith). Here's another one from around that time [link] Eventually, I thought her look was way too drab and after receiving this commission where the artist too his own creative liberties [link] I got the idea to revamp her look to make her look like a cyber-demon. [link] completely going back to the drawing board and giving her a mohawk, spikes protruding from her body all over, and a mechanical tail. I hope to draw her again, as I have a few other things that I would like to add to her look...possibly a wicked set of cybernetic wings! :evillaugh:

As for Scarlette...I swear it's coincidental that so much of them are alike. The white bangs definitely...but the rest wasn't done on purpose. Scarlette, actually, is inspired from a cartoon that I vaguely remember seeing at day care LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago when I was like 3 or 4 years old (we're talking 30 years here!!!); I just remember a blond in a red bodysuit with a mechanical device on her breast...and that's when my love of cyborg women started!!! I wish I knew what cartoon that was! (I wanna say it was Robotech or Macross or something like that)
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